Imam Samudra’s Justification for Bali Bombing


The primary objective of this article is to provide a map of Imam Samudra’s thinking behind Bali bombing I as written in his book Aku Melawan Teroris to those who are not able to read the book in its original Indonesian language with an assumption that counterideological effort cannot be executed effectively without understanding the ideas held by terrorism perpetrators. To add value, the article also offers a comparative study between Samudra’s thinking and Al Qaeda’s ideology. It then points out and provides brief alternative viewpoints to Samudra’s thinking. The article ends with some policy recommendations pertaining to counterideological work.

Muhammad Haniff bin Hassan. (2007). Imam Samudra’s Justification for Bali Bombing. Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 30, 1033–1056.

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